eco design

by Haruhiko Asai, Fumikazu Masuda, Tokuhiro Itsubo, Meg Tanaka, Takako Terunuma, Chiaki Murata, Yasuyuki Yamagiwa
Tokyo Univ. Publishing, 2010

Meg Tanaka, President of FBC, co-wrote a Japanese book, " Eco Design".

Eco Design offers sustainable design concepts, methods, and case studies of sustainable products, fashion, graphics, societies.
Eco material reference, eco design tools and FAQ enable designers easily implement sustainable design.
This book is essential not only for designers, but for project leaders, policy makers and even consumers to know various ideas of sustainability.

"Eco Design" is available in Kinokuniya bookstores across the US or online, Amazon.co.jp, bk1, Seven net shopping, etc.