FBC Sustainable Solutions, LLC

FBC Sustainable Solutions, LLC (FBC) is a New York based research and consulting firm specialized in sustainable business.

With 4 pillars of services; business consulting, research, media, and business and academic tour, we connect Japanese and American sustainable businesses and individuals.

We provide the best sustainable solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors, and also raise awareness of sustainable lifestyle for individuals. With holistic approach from both directions, we believe to expedite and enhance an effect of solving the environmental and social problems.

No business can exist without healthy earth and healthy people. Business is supposed to exist in order to improve people's wellness and quality of life. But the reality is business harms the environment and people are suffering from business. Now we have to bring it back as it should be.

We support our customers to build Fair, Balanced and Conscious business by optimizing environmental and social impacts without harming quality and design of their products and services.