greenfashion book

「Green Fashion: to create a sustainable world」
by Meg Tanaka, Senken Publishing

Meg Tanaka, President of FBC, wrote a Japanese book " Green Fashion," presenting her vision of how fashion can exist without harming environment and people.

Green Fashion: to create a sustainable world describes how green fashion movement has occurred in the US, why we need green fashion, and how companies and consumers have to act to make fashion green, through the whole lifecycle of fashion, from sourcing, production, marketing, to consumption and post consumption.

She interviewed to broad range of green fashion specialists, John Patrick, designer of Organic; Leslie Hoffman, executive director of Earth Pledge; Linda Grose, marketing consultant of Sustainable Cotton Project; Eric Stubin, president of Trans Americas, and others, and listed the interviews in Q&A style.

Fashion is unnecessary for human beings to exist by nature, but now we cannot live without it.
During the period of increasing environmental and social issues, we have to recreate whole new fashion business which can coexist with nature and all the people in the world.

She hopes this book can raise awareness of people about sustainable fashion, and become the trigger to let them act.

"Green Fashion" is available in Kinokuniya bookstores across the US and in the internet, or online Amazon.co.jp