Our mission is to contribute to make the world sustainable.

There is no doubt that frequency and magnitude of natural disasters - hurricane, flood, drought, wildfire and even earthquake, is increasing on the global scale.
We can't guarantee that future generation can live in the earth.
The gap between developed and developing countries widen. Even within industrialized countries, we can't close the gap between the rich and the poor.
Someone is struggling with obesity, while children in another country are dying because of starvation.
We are not living in a sustainable world.

Directly or indirectly, it is attributed to human activity.
To make products, we use massive resources and toxic chemicals, and some still exploit labor or nature.
Billions couldn't meet basic needs, while usable items are piled up in landfills or incinerated, which leads contaminations in the soil, air, and groundwater.
We consume resources faster than earth's capacity to regenerate.
Ecological debt must be a burden on the next generation.

No business can exist without healthy earth and healthy people. Business is supposed to exist in order to improve people's wellness and quality of life. But the reality is business harms the environment and people are suffering from business.

Now we have to bring it back as it should be.
Business can be environmental friendly and socially responsible without harming quality and design of the products and services.

It is not easy to achieve and time is limited, but that's the challenge and opportunity that we should take, and also the responsibility for us living in this era.

There is a sign of change, and we believe every products and services can be sustainable.

FBC Sustainable Solutions, LLC supports businesses and organizations to be sustainable, and people to enjoy their life without worrying about the future.